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Hi, I am Tabi- the Skin Health Specialist and founder of Cosmic Beauty. Cosmic Beauty was founded in April 2022 in Middlesbrough, UK. What started as a love for skin blossomed into the fantastic business we have today.

Cosmic Beauty has already had fantastic success already in my career. In 2023 we became finalists at the Hair and Beauty Awards for ‚ÄėBest New Talent‚Äô, and again in 2024 for ‚ÄėSkin Specialist Of The Year‚Äô. We went on to feature in the Teesside Gazette regarding the awards which you can find here. In 2024 we were also awarded 'Highly Recommended' at the Hair¬†and Beauty Awards!

As a Skin Expert I have been able to transform hundreds of people's skin all over the U.K with education and a plan. With an array of Skin Health Courses available for you to work through at home,  it has never been easier to transform your skin with your go to one stop shop for a step by step guide to transform your skin into what you have only ever been dreaming of!



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Having professional skincare can:

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- Know what works for your unique skin so you don't have to waste more money on trial and error of hundreds of different products

- Heal your skin barrier, improve fine lines or wrinkles, improve the moisture content of your skin, whatever you want... it is possible 

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When I was a teenager I struggled greatly with my skin and Acne, having Nodular and Cystic Acne which is the most severe form of Acne you can get. It was incredibly painful, under the skin, what resembled large bumps alike boils, it was awful and I felt extremely self conscious because of it. I was severely bullied at school due to the Acne which contributed further to my low self esteem and pivoting mental health. I remember trying many different avenues in hope for a treatment to help cure the Acne; multiple skincare brands and products, steam, old wives tales, but nothing worked. I eventually went to see a GP who prescribed me different treatments over several months, none of which helped, and so eventually I was referred to James Cook Hospital to see a Dermatologist.

I was put onto Roaccutane, a hospital prescribed and monitored prescription drug with a wide selection of side effects. The side effects were horrific, I had to deal with severe muscle pain which led to most days staying in bed, in too much pain to move, exercise was impossible. My skin would crack, peel and bleed, in particular on my eyelids and the corners of my mouth. But the worst was the mental health implications with depression being one of the side effects, this just increased my mental suffering.

After suffering for three to four years with Acne I was acne free, but still to this day I suffer with some of the side effects that I gained whilst being on Roaccutane, and If I had only had an Acne Specialist back then, I wouldn’t have had to go through that traumatic experience in my teens.

This experience with my skin led me to become the Skin Health Specialist that I am today, having helped so many clients deal with what I went through, but being able to help them in a way in which in non-invasive, doesn’t come with side effects, and actually educates them about their skin too.

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