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A Fresh Start

Jul 11, 2024

When I first launched Cosmic Beauty, I had much different intended plans for my business. Cosmic Beauty was initially a beauty/nail brand, and today, we have came so much further then that. My dreams have blossomed and grown, and that is a part of why I am telling you today about the new and exciting path I am embarking on.

Cosmic Beauty will be no more, and as sad as I feel to have to let go of the leash that has bound me to my business brand, I am so excited for the future and what I can offer my clients.

Out with the old, and in with the new, let me introduce you to...


My beautiful business is currently undergoing a rebranding from the name, to the colours, to the social handles, the logo's, and even my physical clinic, everything is amidst change. So let's talk about what is changing.

The Name:

When I was researching and planning what the name change would be for Cosmic Beauty, I decided upon 'Tabitha Isobel', which is my first and middle name. I decided that I wanted to become the full forefront of my brand, so people will look at my business, know who is behind it, and hopefully this will instill more trust, faith and less anxiety when it comes to reaching out to me. As someone with anxiety, I personally find it difficult when I am going somewhere new and I don't know who or what to expect, well this change really lays all cards on the table, so you know exactly what to expect. 

The Colours:

I had a long hard think about what colours I wanted to newly represent my brand. Cosmic Beauty was very much in your face pink and gold, and I wanted to move away from this, it felt more of the past, and I wanted a big change. Therefore, I scoured the internet for colour combinations, essentially trying each one on seeing what fit. I thought I had found my colour way of beautiful Blue's, champagnes and white, and I stuck for it for all of 24 hours before deciding it just wasn't quite right. I felt like Goldilocks, trying each of the porridges, and being incredibly indecisive. But then it hit me. If my brand was to truly represent me then I needed to not try to be something or someone else. Red has always been a colour that I have defined myself with, and it just felt so right. So from there on my colour way became made up of champagne, red, white and the smallest dash of pink. It was perfect. This colour way reminds me of Valentines day, displays of self love, courage, luxury, elegance, timelessness and indulgence. 

The Social Handles:

At the time of writing this not everything has been executed just yet, however my Instagram has had a grand makeover (colours and all), and the new handle for my account is now @skinhealthspecialist which perfectly reflects my new brand. 

As soon as Facebook allow me (as they currently are not), I will also be changing this handle to the same as my new Instagram's. 


The Physical Clinic:

This new change is going to take the longest, as much as I would love to splash out and get new everything all at once, that would be ridiculously silly, and so this change will be slow and gradual as months go by. I'm hoping to get it right by January, but it's hard to say when this will be complete.

Currently my in person clinic has light pink velvet chairs and adorning pillows, a wooden desk, a gold display unit with gold frames showcasing my awards, my velour curved bed with the velvet pink blankets and of course the pink fairy lights and pink privacy screen. Everything is essentially pink.

What I am wanting for the space is really simple, and involves a lot less pink. 

I want to remove the desk completely (it is not very necessary really), and to replace the two pink velvet chairs with beautiful large armchairs either white boucle or a burgundy red, with opposite cushions. 

Then I want to replace the pink fairy lights with a warm fairy lights, and have them instead surrounding the bottom of the walls rather than the top.

Come start of Autumn I am wanting to introduce white duvet and towels for the bed for a warm comfortable experience when the weather gets colder. This will replace the pink velvet soft throwblanket.

Next come the small decorations, the gold display unit may be getting removed. I can picture beautiful white candles all around the room, champagne frames, sunflowers with my dried flowers, and a small coffee table between the large arm chairs. 


So as you can see, I very much so have my work cut out for me, there are also small changes such as new gift cards to have made and purchased, new flyers to distribute with the correct information on, along with bank accounts, trademarking, booking systems, websites and so much more. It really is a whirlwind at the moment.

I am sure, I will be sharing with you soon when improvements have progressed further. The new cosmic beauty - Tabitha Isobel, is going to be an amazing positive upgrade and I can not wait to share it all with you!

Soon, I will be announcing my new professional logo's which are being made by my graphic designer as we speak.