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Are you constantly searching for the next product to help clear your acne?

acne acne retreat skincare Feb 17, 2024

I had severe acne as a teenager and I remember trying almost everything I could get my hands on, to try to clear my acne.

I would walk round my towns centre, going into every shop available that I knew sold skincare products. I would stare at the lines and lines of products sat there waiting for me to choose them, and I would feel so overwhelmed.

What was the right choice?

Which was the next product I could try?

If only I had known that I was going about my acne in entirely the wrong way.

It was more than likely that none of those products would help clear my acne and now I know the answer to all of my frustrations, but if only I had known then.  

But you can make the right decision!

Your skincare products need a high percentage of active ingredients in them, and I don’t mean to go raid the Ordinary counter or Drunk Elephant, which I know are popular choices amongst my acne clients.

Having professional skincare which is backed by science and will target the acne specifically, without drying out your skin, without causing further dehydration, and within burning your skin off!

So what’s the secret to finding good professional skincare?

Unless you’re going to see an acne specialist like myself who is extremely knowledgeable in skincare and designing a routine to suit your skin, you may not find a routine that works for you.

But one product that changes most of my clients acne is the Medik8 Press & Clear toner!

With 2% BHA which helps dissolve the build up in your pores that has led to the acne.

Although suitable for everyday use you may want to start off by using three times per week at first to make sure no irritation is caused.

You also want to make sure no other products in your routine include ingredients of BHA’s such as Salicylic acid as these are exfoliating ingredients, and if not careful can easily cause more harm then good.

 So be careful and use appropriately! It is a fantastic product to integrate into your routine!

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