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How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast

acne acne retreat Mar 11, 2024

Having acne can make you feel miserable, more time than not. The way that you show up in your life becomes so different, and with the months that go by, you start to lose who you once were. 

Now, lets make this clear, there is no quick fix to acne, if there was, wouldn't everyone be jumping on the new trend? Isn't that what always happens. 

As soon as an influencer opens their mouth about the next best thing, whether its been regulated or clinically proven, it never matters to most, because the want, the need, to clear your acne, its worth trialling anything and everything isn't it? 

I use to be this way when I had acne. I literally took my mom as a teenager into Boots, Superdrug, even Tesco and Asda, in search of a miracle product to trial, desperate for my acne to be gone.

This is why so many cosmetic companies market their products towards acne because they know that we will try anything and everything, and will essentially throw our money their way in just one split second. It's frustrating, especially now as an Acne Specialist, who had literally been sat exactly where you are now, but the industry is only getting worse, and the acne will only keep coming back, unless you find the right education, skincare and support. 

Even though Chemical Peels look like a fantastic treatment to get rid of acne fast, it is not a long term solution. Just like having acne medications or creams is NOT a long term solution. When you think about it, and I mean really think about it, your acne is related to your internal health, its a mix of your hormones, your gut health which relates to your lifestyle, diet and nutrition. So, when you have quick fix solutions like chemical peels or medications they are covering the issue for it to only arise at a later date in your life, coming back with a vengeance. 

If you were to break your arm, and you go to see a doctor and they prescribe you pain medication, and essentially say "there you go, on your way!" you would look at them is if they had grown two heads! With a broken arm (and im no doctor here), you would need a cast to help aid your bone to repair, and in some cases even a metal plate or perhaps even surgery. By giving you medication sure you won't be in pain anymore and so that symptom of you having a broken arm will be gone, but your arm will still be broken, and now you are reliant on that medication with lots of side effects to get you through. 

What do you think will happen when you come off of that pain medication? Surely, the pain will start again, it might not be straight away, but it will.

This is a lot like acne. Acne is a symptom that your body is presenting to you to tell you that there is a larger issue at play, that you need to look at. 

So let's look at the bigger picture here. To get your skin clear, and for it to stay clear, you need to become the best healthy version of you so your body doesn't feel the need to showcase the acne anymore.

Form the right healthy habits and you will be good as gold. 

And its easy! In just seven steps you can clear your acne and keep it clear. All it takes from you is some dedication, and a lust for clearing your acne! 

I would love to help you with your acne! If you are in the UK and over eighteen I definitely recommend you check out our Online Acne Retreat programme here

It will give you all of the right information on your acne, how to clear it, and also presents each step to clear your acne in a easily digestible way so that you do not feel overwhelmed. 

Let's get started! What are you waiting for! In just six months you could be a whole new, acne free you!