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Is it possible to clear your acne without medication?

acne acne retreat Feb 24, 2024

The simple answer is yes and in my opinion is a much better and safer way to help clear your acne!

When I was a teenager I dealt with severe acne- cystic and nodular, the under the skin large bumps that are extremely painful.

I tried everything but nothing worked and so I went to see a GP. They put me onto multiple creams and antibiotics none of which helped. They then referred me to see a dermatologist at a local hospital. The dermatologist without looking at any cause of the acne, put me straight onto Roaccutane.

 Now my experience with Roaccutane is similar to most. The side effects were horrific and the whole experience was traumatic. As a young teen I had monthly pregnancy tests as the medication could dis form a baby. I had to go for monthly check ups and a whole year went by with me on the horrific drug.

The side effects were the worst: dry skin to the point where my lips and eyelids would crack, peel and bleed, intense muscle pain which made even walking difficult and the mental health implications. It came with even worse depression and anxiety than I was dealing with, and now I know that it has a suicide risk as a rare side effect. Oh boy.

Although I was lucky and my acne didn’t return full face it didn’t cure my acne. Nothing cures acne. The best solution is to maintain healthy habits that keep your skin clear and your body healthy.

Medication is a band aid solution to acne. It doesn’t help resolve the underlying issues. It merely puts a band aid on it for another day.

Many of my acne clients come to me who have been on roaccutane or other acne medications time and time again due to their acne returning.

And some of the side effects linger and still affect me to this day, as I’m sure they do many others too. Not even accounting for my new found IBS which seems to have a relation in many other cases relating to Roaccutane too.

This is why in our Acne Retreat course we use the Holistic Healing Approach which has been formulated so you can heal internally and externally, getting to the route issues of your acne to prevent it from returning in the future.

Come join our Acne Retreat online course and use our 7 steps to get you to clear skin!

 You can find more information on Acne Retreat here.