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Is there a cure for acne?

acne acne retreat Mar 02, 2024

Many of us who begin to have acne breakouts trial a lot of avenues before going to see a professional.

That’s exactly what I did as a young teenager trying to clear my own skin but not having a clue what the right things to do were.

It wasn’t until I became apart of the skin industry and as apart of my education discovered so much about acne that I never would have known, such as acne not being curable.

It made me feel reassured that I would be okay and that my journey with acne was valid. Sometimes having a label such as acne not being curable helps us to come to terms with things & realise that there is only so much within our control.

I had seen many different doctors and dermatologists as a teenager but none of them tried to discover the underlying issues to why the acne was occurring, and not one of them presented me with expectations.

 So hopefully I can be that for you if you’re currently suffering through a breakout, or if you’ve had acne for months or years.  

Acne isn’t curable, it is only manageable.

This is why you see people going on round after round of acne antibiotics and creams once the acne comes back, or it might not even go in the first place.

Having medication simply puts a plaster over the issue, a quick band aid solution to a much deeper issue.

But once you form the right habits and stick to them you can get to clear skin and you can keep it to.  

So sure acne isn’t curable but you can influence your skin with what you show up and do for yourself everyday.

Looking and resolving things you do in your everyday life such as: lifestyle, hygiene habits, diet, nutrition, stress, hormones and self belief, these all play a large role in the success of clear skin.

It can be a minefield of information out there and it’s so important to follow the right advice which is backed by science and that you know has worked for others like you.

This is why I created my Acne Retreat programme which gets you to clear skin in just 7 steps. Making it as easy as possible for you to implement your new knowledge into habits that stick around.

All you need is patience and perseverance, as healing your skin with our Holistic Healing Approach takes time but it doesn’t come with any horrific side effects, and your body and mind will benefit from it as well.

Become the best healthy clear skin version of you that there could be.

Find out more information on my Acne Retreat programme here and how I can help you clear your acne.