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May 27, 2024

You can transform your skin with this membership!

Hi, I'm Tabi a qualified Skin Specialist, the C.E.O of Cosmic Beauty, the in person facial skin clinic in Middlesbrough, and the C.E.O of The Skin Health Subscription, the membership which transforms your skin from home.

From working in the skin industry for more than two years I realised that there was a massive gap in what we could do with our clients in clinic. Whilst facials can be absolutely life changing, and can help transform your skin and your confidence, the effects of these facials are only maintained if you are doing the right things at home too. 

I noticed this massive flaw particularly with my acne clients who really NEEDED that extra support around what they are doing at home too. There is so much more when it comes to your skin that affects it internally as well as externally, and with facials we really do only touch on the external.

From qualifying in many certificates such as Beauty Nutrition and Superfood...

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