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How To Feel Like You Again After Acne

May 22, 2024

Hi, I'm Tabi a qualified Skin Specialist from the UK. I am the C.E.O of Cosmic Beauty, a luxury relaxing skin clinic in Middlesbrough, and C.E.O of The Skin Health Subscription, an online membership to transform your skin concerns from home. 

I struggled with severe acne as a teenager and had to jump through a lot of hoops before I felt confident enough about putting myself out there, even online. I noticed when I had acne how much it trickled into every part of your life: how you walked, how you talked, how you felt and how you looked. It's like every part of your being changed within a matter of what felt like hours. 

I've noticed a lot of people online, and professionals are quick to talk about acne, and how to clear your acne, and what things you should be doing to help your skin, but not a lot of people talk about the mental health implications that acne brings. 

I think it's an extremely important topic to discuss, and is the reason that my Skin Health...

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