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My Acne Skin Story

Apr 22, 2024

This week I wanted to delve into my own skin story with acne, and how I became the Acne Specialist that I am today.


I have always been incredibly interested in skin, I use to watch my mam apply her Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Toner and moisturiser every day when I was little and I was always fascinating with what she was doing.

When I became a teenager I really struggled with cystic acne, I felt like a monster to put it shortly, we tried so many different ways to help my skin but we didn’t even know where to start. I ended up after several different doctors prescriptions, being referred to the hospital to see a dermatologist who then put me on Roaccutane. If you don’t know about Roaccutane it’s a awful medication to be on, as the side effects are horrific.

All of that was a lot to go through as a young teen but after a year of being on the medication on an incredibly high dosage I was taken off it as my cystic acne had calmed down. It’s really been a...

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My Acne Prone Skincare Routine

Apr 08, 2024

As an Acne Skin Specialist one of my top asked questions is always about skincare, and so today I am going to break down my skincare routine for you. 

But before we get started you need to know that copying this skincare routine most likely won't give you the best results, for optimal results you need to be prescribed a professional skincare routine from a Skin Specialist suited to your unique skin situation. (See end of post for details)


 The first thing you need to do before you do your skincare is wash your hands, obviously your hands carry bacteria, as we are constantly touching things, and therefore its unavoidable.


Surface Radiance Cleanser- Medik8

The cleanse I use every single day is the Surface Radiance Cleanser by Medik8. This is a gel to foam cleanser which means that it comes out of the bottle as a gel consistency, and then with water it turns to a foam. For a thorough cleanse having a foam cleanser can be extremely beneficial as it works deep...

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How Superfoods Transform Your Skin!

Apr 01, 2024

It is so easy to get caught up in the online world with the next new big thing that everyone is trying. A few years ago Acai Smoothie Bowls were that big new thing, and slowly overtime the excitement for this tasty treat has died down. 

BUT did you know that Acai is actually a type of Superfood? Superfoods are literally super foods, and are the most nutritious natural foods around of us with a high content of vitamins and minerals there to help you, your body and your skin thrive.

Seems to good to be true... right? 

Nature is a clever clever thing, and superfoods are often brightly coloured, this is called a Phytochemical. Phytochemicals attract us not only with their beautiful bright colours, but with their delicious smells and tastes too. So way back when, when we weren't as fortunate and surrounded by nutritious food as we are nowadays, gatherers new to choose these foods over others because they were much more inviting.  

Now in the western world, its easy to...

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5 Secrets To Glowing Skin

Mar 18, 2024

Beautiful glowing clear skin is unavoidable in 2024, with celebrities and influencers alike, posting constantly with filters and edited photos. But what if you actually wanted to work on improving your skin and could achieve that glowing glazed doughnut skin, that we all lust after?

As a Skin Specialist I am asked this daily, and so here is your five step programme to follow to get your skin glowing!


1. Hydration is key!

When your skin is hydrated it appears more plump, healthy and fresh. You can increase your hydration by consuming fruit and veg with a high water content such as cucumbers, or by using a high quality moisturiser or serum with Hyaluronic Acid or Glycerin in the ingredients.

2. Facial Massage!

Giving yourself a daily facial massage can increase circulation and improve blood flow. This creates a healthier glowing tone whilst also providing you with some much needed self care relaxation time too! There are plenty of easy to follow facial massage tutorials...

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