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My Acne Skin Story

Apr 22, 2024

This week I wanted to delve into my own skin story with acne, and how I became the Acne Specialist that I am today.


I have always been incredibly interested in skin, I use to watch my mam apply her Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Toner and moisturiser every day when I was little and I was always fascinating with what she was doing.

When I became a teenager I really struggled with cystic acne, I felt like a monster to put it shortly, we tried so many different ways to help my skin but we didn’t even know where to start. I ended up after several different doctors prescriptions, being referred to the hospital to see a dermatologist who then put me on Roaccutane. If you don’t know about Roaccutane it’s a awful medication to be on, as the side effects are horrific.

All of that was a lot to go through as a young teen but after a year of being on the medication on an incredibly high dosage I was taken off it as my cystic acne had calmed down. It’s really been a...

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My Acne Prone Skincare Routine

Apr 08, 2024

As an Acne Skin Specialist one of my top asked questions is always about skincare, and so today I am going to break down my skincare routine for you. 

But before we get started you need to know that copying this skincare routine most likely won't give you the best results, for optimal results you need to be prescribed a professional skincare routine from a Skin Specialist suited to your unique skin situation. (See end of post for details)


 The first thing you need to do before you do your skincare is wash your hands, obviously your hands carry bacteria, as we are constantly touching things, and therefore its unavoidable.


Surface Radiance Cleanser- Medik8

The cleanse I use every single day is the Surface Radiance Cleanser by Medik8. This is a gel to foam cleanser which means that it comes out of the bottle as a gel consistency, and then with water it turns to a foam. For a thorough cleanse having a foam cleanser can be extremely beneficial as it works deep...

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast

Mar 11, 2024

Having acne can make you feel miserable, more time than not. The way that you show up in your life becomes so different, and with the months that go by, you start to lose who you once were. 

Now, lets make this clear, there is no quick fix to acne, if there was, wouldn't everyone be jumping on the new trend? Isn't that what always happens. 

As soon as an influencer opens their mouth about the next best thing, whether its been regulated or clinically proven, it never matters to most, because the want, the need, to clear your acne, its worth trialling anything and everything isn't it? 

I use to be this way when I had acne. I literally took my mom as a teenager into Boots, Superdrug, even Tesco and Asda, in search of a miracle product to trial, desperate for my acne to be gone.

This is why so many cosmetic companies market their products towards acne because they know that we will try anything and everything, and will essentially throw our money their way in just one...

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Acne Retreat Launch! Seven Steps To Clear Skin!

Mar 08, 2024

Are you feeling frustrated with your acne? You don't know what else you can do to help clear your skin, and you care about getting to the root cause...




Our 7 step programme to clear skin which educates you and guides you on your path to an acne free life, so you can understand your skin and improve your health and wellbeing. 


The Seven Steps To Clear Skin:


1. The Holistic Healing Approach

Learn how to heal your acne holistically without medication, or fad treatments, or even in person treatments. Clear your acne with education and support from your Acne Specialist. 


2. Understand Your Acne

In this module you will learn and understand more about your skin and your acne so you can form healthy habits and eliminate the bad habits you have picked up along the way from friends, family and celebrities. 


3. The Glow Getter Mindset 


This module is all about having the right mindset to...

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Is there a cure for acne?

Mar 02, 2024

Many of us who begin to have acne breakouts trial a lot of avenues before going to see a professional.

That’s exactly what I did as a young teenager trying to clear my own skin but not having a clue what the right things to do were.

It wasn’t until I became apart of the skin industry and as apart of my education discovered so much about acne that I never would have known, such as acne not being curable.

It made me feel reassured that I would be okay and that my journey with acne was valid. Sometimes having a label such as acne not being curable helps us to come to terms with things & realise that there is only so much within our control.

I had seen many different doctors and dermatologists as a teenager but none of them tried to discover the underlying issues to why the acne was occurring, and not one of them presented me with expectations.

 So hopefully I can be that for you if you’re currently suffering through a breakout, or if you’ve had acne...

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Is it possible to clear your acne without medication?

Feb 24, 2024

The simple answer is yes and in my opinion is a much better and safer way to help clear your acne!

When I was a teenager I dealt with severe acne- cystic and nodular, the under the skin large bumps that are extremely painful.

I tried everything but nothing worked and so I went to see a GP. They put me onto multiple creams and antibiotics none of which helped. They then referred me to see a dermatologist at a local hospital. The dermatologist without looking at any cause of the acne, put me straight onto Roaccutane.

 Now my experience with Roaccutane is similar to most. The side effects were horrific and the whole experience was traumatic. As a young teen I had monthly pregnancy tests as the medication could dis form a baby. I had to go for monthly check ups and a whole year went by with me on the horrific drug.

The side effects were the worst: dry skin to the point where my lips and eyelids would crack, peel and bleed, intense muscle pain which made even walking difficult...

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Are you constantly searching for the next product to help clear your acne?

Feb 17, 2024

I had severe acne as a teenager and I remember trying almost everything I could get my hands on, to try to clear my acne.

I would walk round my towns centre, going into every shop available that I knew sold skincare products. I would stare at the lines and lines of products sat there waiting for me to choose them, and I would feel so overwhelmed.

What was the right choice?

Which was the next product I could try?

If only I had known that I was going about my acne in entirely the wrong way.

It was more than likely that none of those products would help clear my acne and now I know the answer to all of my frustrations, but if only I had known then.  

But you can make the right decision!

Your skincare products need a high percentage of active ingredients in them, and I don’t mean to go raid the Ordinary counter or Drunk Elephant, which I know are popular choices amongst my acne clients.

Having professional skincare which is backed by science and will target the acne...

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